It is a legal requirement, under The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1996, for all animals, prior to an initial assessment, to have a signed and dated Veterinary Consent Form provided to Hurdles Veterinary Physiotherapy. This will be obtained from your vet by Hurdles Veterinary Physiotherapy or can be downloaded from the website and obtained yourself.

Hurdles Veterinary Physiotherapy reserves the right to refuse treatment to any animal.

Cancellation terms

Cancellation of an appointment more than 24 hours in advance will not incur charges, with cancellation less than 24 hours incurring a 50% charge. An appointment is only declared cancelled upon confirmation. If due in the event of an emergency cancellation is requested less than 24 hours prior charges may be waived, dependent on the severity of event and at the discretion of Hurdles Veterinary Physiotherapy.


 Obligations to you

  1. Unless otherwise agreed, a report will be delivered to you and your vet within 7 days of the service.
  2. Observe and abide by the NAVP codes of conduct.
  3. Ensure professional insurance and membership is up to date and valid.
  4. Employ reasonable health and safety measures with regards to the animal being treated and the premises.

 Your obligations

  1. In signing your agreement to these Terms of Business, you confirm that you are the legal owner/loaner of the animal referred for the treatment and that all information provided on the Consent Form is correct.
  2. Whilst every care is taken of the animal undergoing treatment, all animal receive treatment at their owner’s risk.
  3. Allow access to the premises, the animal requiring treatment and any other facilities or equipment that may be required for the service.
  4. Ensure the working area is safe and the animal is fully prepared.
  5. Take full responsibility in declaring and warning the physiotherapist against potential dangerous or harmful behaviours which may be elicited by the animal in question.
  6. Pay charges as outlined in the payment terms.


  1. Charges for the services will be specified based on type of service, distance of travel and appropriate discounts.
  2. Once a quote had been confirmed and accepted, you agree to follow the terms as outlined in the payment terms.
  3. Any advertised offers on the website, social media or other associated pages of Hurdles Veterinary Physiotherapy, that the owner wishes to redeem, must be discussed at the time of booking and can be withdrawn at any point by Hurdles Veterinary Physiotherapy.
  4. Hurdles Veterinary Physiotherapy will ensure that all prospective clients are fully informed on any excess travel costs if they are located more than 15 miles from YO17 8BT. Clients located outside of this parameter will occur a 45p per additional mile charge, this is according the AMAP 2018. Quotations for travel are valid up to thirty days, any quotes older than this will be void and cannot be guaranteed.
  5. A discount is offered for group bookings of three animals or more treated at the same visit or clinic and travel costs will be split if more than one animal is treated at the same visit or clinic. Fuel charge is dependent on location, within a certain radius is free. This will be calculated on booking.

Payment Terms

  1. Services must be paid in full on the day of the consultation or prior, unless agreed otherwise.
  2. Payment charges are agreed and accepted by you, once an appointment has been scheduled.
  3. Payment is accepted by cash or bank transfer.

Privacy Policy

The personal data that we collect about you will include data relating to your name, address and contact details, and the health/medical history of your animal. This data is collected as a way of identifying individual clients. All data will be stored securely and kept for up to 7 years, as required for insurance purposes, and will be used by Hurdles Veterinary Physiotherapy for communication with you. Paper records will be stored securely in locked storage and electronic records will be stored on an external hard drive, locked securely when not in use. The data collected will be used as a record of your animal’s treatment and any changes that may occur in their health. You have the right to request access to your data, request corrections, if any errors in the data are identified, or deletion at any time. Information will be shared ONLY with your animal’s vet or other veterinary professionals involved in their care for the purposes of keeping them informed of progress and changes with therapy.